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Chelsea & Thomas Development Area

Address: 615,645,654,657 Chelsea
831, 840 Thomas
Memphis, Tennessee 38107

Type of project: Commercial, Mixed Use , Redevelopment, Retail
Description of project:

This area contains one small strip center, one retail store, two convenience stores, and a church. The sites are along or adjacent to Danny Thomas, a major thoroughfare. Collectively all sites are roughly 6.6 acres and have a building square footage of 50,384. There is 0.52 acre of vacant land available for redevelopment and/or infill and a 13,452-square foot Tax Sale property available for redevelopment.

Contact: Melanie Batke | Memphis and Shelby County Division of Planning & Development | 901-636-6601 | Melanie.batke@memphistn.gov

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