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Cooper Area Development Area

Address: 792 to 1010 S Cooper
2142 to 2215 Central Avenue
Memphis, Tennessee 38104

Type of project: Commercial, Mixed Use , Office , Redevelopment, Residential Mixed, Retail
Description of project:

This area contains a multitude of uses including light industrial, office, retail, restaurants, small strip centers, and single family residential. It is a dense and walkable center of activity in Midtown Memphis.
The area consists of commercial buildings, small warehouses, single-family homes, four small strip centers and one neighborhood shopping center. The neighborhood shopping center had extensive improvements between 2012 to 2019. Overall, most of the retail stores have had improvements in the past ten years and a restaurant was constructed on an infill lot in 2016. Collectively all sites are roughly 20 acres and have a building square footage of 359,670.

Contact: Melanie Batke | Memphis and Shelby County Division of Planning & Development | 901-636-6601 | Melanie.batke@memphistn.gov

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